The January 6th Committee is kicking ass and taking names

– Now that the January 6th Committee has scared Mark Meadows into cooperating, and has Steve Bannon looking over his shoulder for US Marshals, the committee is now subpoenaing Donald Trump’s DOJ co-conspirator Jeffrey Clark. Now that Clark has seen that Meadows has caved and that Bannon is about to face ugly consequences, Clark will have to think seriously about cooperating. This is how the process works. Even as pundits continue to falsely whine about the committee’s supposed lack of toughness or progress, in reality the committee is kicking ass and taking names.

– Trump supporter Brett Favre has been ordered to return $828,000 in “illegally spent welfare funds” in relation to a fraud plot that has resulted in several criminal indictments. Who could have seen that coming?


– Remember when all the TV pundits spent months insisting the Arizona “audit” was somehow going to destroy democracy, and Palmer Report spent the entire time saying it would have zero impact and fade away? We were totally right, and in hindsight they were just trying to scare you into staying tuned in so they could boost their ratings. Keep that in mind the next time the media rolls out yet another narrative about how we’re all doomed. You can stare at your screen and lose, or you can get out there and register people to vote and win.

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