Greg Abbott is playing with fire

I’ve always loved the story of Pygmalion and Galatea. In Greek mythology, Pygmalion was well known. He was a Greek sculptor who could not fall in love. Not with a human anyway. Pygmalion sculpted a breathtaking creation — a woman who pulsed with life and beauty.

Aphrodite was the Goddess of love, and she noticed Pygmalion’s anguish. He often worshiped at her temple. So, she gave him a gift. Aphrodite made the statue — called Galatea — come to life. Pygmalion wept with joy and thanks. The two were eventually married.

This story crossed my mind when thinking of Trump. He has made a deal too, but unlike the story above, Trump’s deal was an odious one and filled with cruelty. Trump created the perfect servants. They include Josh Hawley. They include Marco Rubio. They include Ron DeSantis. These politicians have all fallen under the spell of the snake bite. They have surrendered their beings. They now live in servitude of their master, who owns them for as long as he would like.

And this is causing great harm to our country. It is doing so because any desire to help their constituents has been wiped away for these politicians. Now, the only one whose approval they seek is their master, Donald Trump.

Take Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott is playing Russian Roulette with the lives of his constituents. What Abbott has done is use his power for evil. He has barred any vaccine mandates — in the whole state of Texas.

This action by Abbott will have disastrous consequences for Texas. The state has already been hit hard by Covid. Now, with this executive order, even more, people will sicken. Some will die.

It is essential to let the Texas Governor know that Texas is not behind this order. It is also crucial to beat him in 2022.


It is important to remember that Abbott’s order will likely be challenged in court. My heart does go out to the people of Texas. They have been through almost unheard of pain this year, with the terrible storm that killed many (and prompted Ted Cruz to take off for Mexico.) They have seen the handmaid’s tale literally arrive in their state, and now this. We need to make sure this man is voted out.

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