Rigged election: months ago, Steve Bannon “knew” precisely which states Donald Trump would flip

Even as observers continue to pore over the voting tallies from certain swing states and point out the numerous statistical and numerical unlikelihoods that appear to have all magically fallen into place in order for Donald Trump to win those states, it appears there is precisely one person out there who isn’t surprised at all. In fact, Trump’s campaign chief Steve Bannon told a reporter several months ago that Trump would win precisely the surprise swing states that he ended up winning โ€“ begging the question of whether a bragging Bannon just unwittingly blew the lid off what we’ve all been suspecting.

For some bizarre reason, the otherwise respected online publication The Hollywood Reporter decided to publish a somewhat friendly interview this week with Steve Bannon, who just happens to be an acknowledged white supremacist and alleged wife beater among other things. The interviewer in question, Michael Wolff, is just now reporting that when he visited Bannon this past summer, Bannon told him that Donald Trump was going to win the states of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Every campaign is overconfident in its own chances of winning, so it’s not a surprise that Steve Bannon would have been boasting about Donald Trump’s chances of winning this summer, even at a time when the Trump campaign was falling to pieces. But for Bannon to have known that these were the four states Trump would end up shockingly flipping on his way to an upset victory, two of which were basically demographically impossible? That’s one step removed from insisting you’re going to win the lottery and bragging about what the winning numbers are going to be. If you end up being right about it, something is very wrong.


The chief of the Donald Trump campaign being able to accurately predict months in advance which swing states would end up flipping is suspicious enough in its own right. When you add in the fact that Trump won Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan by the same one percent margin โ€“ just enough to give him the upset victory he needed in each state and avoid triggering any automatic recounts, and no more โ€“ it further calls into question whether the vote totals in these states were indeed altered.

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