Ron DeSantis is maniacally out of control

For the past few months Ron DeSantis has declared Florida fully open, even though oftentimes the state has led the count in daily cases. Florida has maintained its steady place among the worst states in terms of infection rates, so sure, announce the state is totally open

In lifting all Emergency Orders, he complicates a very tenuous situation. He even shows how two-faced he is. DeSantis praises the legislature for denouncing vaccine passports and assuring individual liberties. He pretends to want to allow cruise ships to sail, but the cruise lines want to make sure that passengers and crew members remain healthy and want to require vaccination proof, which DeSantis opposes. How much revenue does Florida lose every day a ship doesn’t leave from a Florida port?

Revenue lost to Florida comes from hotel stays for a few days prior to departure as well as when people remain afterwards. Restaurants make money also. Local people work for cruise lines that would be back to work. Not sure DeSantis really cares, though. So please don’t tell me DeSantis is good for Florida. He is just looking out for himself, somehow.

DeSantis suspended Emergency Orders because he did not like that counties took measures into their own hands when he did little, and now he wants to flex his ‘governor muscles.’ This is a sham. Businesses will do what they believe will keep customers coming back to them.


When he suspends all local Covid mandates calling his decision “the responsible, evidence-based thing to do,” I have to question his ability to read. tTe statistics I see have Florida in the top 5 everyday in terms of new cases. But like The Former Guy, facts don’t matter to him.

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