Trump’s pal Benjamin Netanyahu is now just one step from ouster

If you’re pro-Israel then you have to be anti-Netanyahu, for largely the same reasons that if you’re pro-America you have to be anti-Trump. We’ve already seen Trump’s ouster, and he’s now awaiting his inevitable indictment and arrest. Now Netanyahu is just one step from ouster himself.

Israel’s electoral process is complicated enough that we won’t try to explain it in full here. But in short, there are several political parties, so no often one gets a majority of the vote – and whoever gets the largest minority of the vote gets the opportunity to put together a coalition government with one or more of the other parties.

Israel has been in a state of flux for several months where no one wins the election, and then no one is able to put together a ruling coalition, so yet another election is held. Netanyahu finally got his chance to put together a coalition last month, but he failed – and so now the opposition leader is getting a shot at putting together a coalition government.


If this succeeds, Netanyahu will (finally) be officially out of power. This is notable, not just because it’ll end his corrupt stranglehold on Israel, but also because he’s facing criminal indictment on corruption charges. At this rate Trump and Netanyahu could end up in a race to see who ends up in prison cell first.

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