Rand Paul is even more of a Russian puppet than we thought

It appears that Senator Rand Paul has given up attempting to hide his loyalty to Russia over America. As Palmer Report has documented, Paul has a history of voting against anything that would upset Russian President Vladimir Putin. Whether it was his vote against veto-proof Russian sanctions, or when he delayed a vote for months in an effort at preventing Montenegro from joining NATO, Paul has been vocal about his true feelings for Russia.

These actions have not escaped the attention of prominent Russian individuals, some with close ties to Putin. Last week, Russian State Media was promoting Paul’s standing with their nation. The host of one show went so far as to say “At least he’s one of the loyalists,” confirming Paul’s loyalty to Russia, not America. With many Russian oligarchs fearing Donald Trump’s imminent downfall, it is likely they will be desperate to end sanctions, which currently prevent them from accessing billions of stolen dollars, and will use any available asset.

One such oligarch currently under sanctions is Konstantin Kosachev, the chair of the Council of the Federation Committee on Foreign Affairs. Hoping to use Paul’s loyalty to put pressure on Trump, Kosachev stated, “Mr. Paul has access to the top US leadership, is close to Donald Trump. And we expect that we will be able to convey our signals through him.”

Julia Davis, an expert in Russian propaganda with the Atlantic Council’s Disinformation Portal, tweeted this on Saturday: “in light of the fact that Rand Paul is the initiator of Trump’s sudden rush to revoke security clearances. Rand is now proposing that Trump lift the sanctions imposed against Russian government officials for election interference.” According to an article from The Hill, Paul has stated that he plans to ask Trump this weekend to remove sanctions against several top Russian officials.

Following the Treason Summit in Helsinki, when Trump and Putin met privately with only translators privy to what was discussed, Paul decided to make a visit of his own to the Moscow. With Paul claiming reduced sanctions and increased dialogue is necessary to improve relations between the two nations, perhaps Paul should be reminded that Russia attacked our democracy in 2016 and have only increased their attacks leading up to the midterm elections. While Russia is losing confidence in Trump, it appears they have found a new puppet to utilize.