Rudy Giuliani melts down and yells “Truth Isn’t Truth” and his whole world explodes

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Donald Trump woke up this morning in such an unhinged panic about White House Counsel Don McGahn having sold him out to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, his crazed tweets threatened to take over the day’s narrative. But it turned out that was a mere warm up act for what was coming, as Trump’s criminal defense attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared on Meet The Press and not only managed to top Trump in the absurdity department, he arguably turned in the most absurd television interview performance of all time. No really.

How bad was it for Rudy Giuliani? While he was trying to make the argument that Donald Trump could somehow tell the truth and still get caught committing perjury, he went so cartoonishly off the rails that host Chuck Todd couldn’t help but laugh at him while pointing out that “Truth is truth.” Rudy responding by yelling “Truth isn’t truth!” Todd facepalmed said “This is going to become a bad meme.” He was right.

Almost instantly, “Rudy Giuliani” and “Truth isn’t truth” became the top trending topics on Twitter as everyone piled on. So much for Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts.” Rudy’s new “Truth isn’t truth” outburst is probably going to go down as the defining phrase for an illegitimate and criminal administration that lied at every single opportunity. It was such an iconically bad moment, it made people all but forget that hours earlier, the “President” of the United States had just chillingly and incoherently accused the Special Counsel of making “Joseph McCarthy look like a baby.”

For what it’s worth, we think we (partially) understood what Rudy Giuliani was trying to say. He seemed to be admitting that because Donald Trump has a documented and consistent history of lying, his testimony may be judged as false if more reliable witnesses contradict him. But “truth isn’t truth” is all that anyone is going to remember about this interview, or remember about Rudy in general. His whole life has become a bad meme.

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