Prominent attorney sues FBI for improperly favoring Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton

In the last days of the 2016 election, a series of conflicting and embarrassing events took place regarding the FBI. First the Director of the FBI publicly hinted that Hillary Clinton might be under investigation, when she wasn’t. Then a Senator revealed that the FBI had been secretly investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. Then the New York Times published an article announcing that the FBI had found no connection between Trump and Russia. Then the FBI Director quietly admitted that Clinton was not under investigation. That series of events wasn’t just an outrage. One prominent attorney is pursuing it as being something of a crime spree.

Attorney E. Randol Schoenberg, who has spent much of his life fighting on behalf of Holocaust victims trying to reclaim possessions seized by the Nazis, has filed a lawsuit against the FBI. He points to the October 31st New York Times article in question as evidence that the FBI had indeed investigated Donald Trump’s ties to the Russians, and he’s claiming that the FBI improperly failed to publicly disclose its findings. He’s using the FBI’s public statement about Hillary Clinton as precedent for why the FBI acted maliciously in keeping the Trump investigation secret.


Schoenberg is using the Freedom Of Information Act to get his foot in the legal door. But the gist of his court filing, which can be read in full here, makes clear that he’s attempting to get at the heart of why the FBI made a point of sabotaging Hillary Clinton by carrying out her investigation in public, while favoring Donald Trump by keeping his investigation in the dark. This comes even as the CIA is confirming the Russians tried to rig things for Trump, and President Obama is ordering an investigation into the matter.

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