President Obama is preparing to lead the resistance against Donald Trump

Even as Americans are taking to the streets all across the nation to protest against what’s increasingly being seen as an illegitimate election result and the erratically bigoted nature of Donald Trump himself, and the same sentiment explodes online, the movement has been in search of a leader. While a number of political figures and celebrities have stepped forward into the fray, it looks like the official leader of the anti-Trump movement is going to be a popular guy named Barack Obama.

Even as President Obama has publicly acted cordially toward “president-elect” Donald Trump in a White House setting, as is essentially necessary for the sanctity of democracy, he’s offered harsher words for Trump while away from the Oval Office. Obama recently suggested that Trump “won’t be there very long” if he doesn’t get his act together. And now the New York Times has documented what’s privately underway with Obama and his inner circle.

Although a number of Americans are still leaning on the Electoral College to bail the nation out and install the popular vote winner Hillary Clinton into the White House, and it’s unknown what Clinton or the DNC or Obama may currently be doing privately in the name of exposing the seemingly fraudulent nature of the election, Obama is in fact working on a contingency plan. He’s changed his original plan to step away from political life after leaving office.


As the NY Times is phrasing it, he’s planning to “add his voice to the shellshocked Democratic activists and elected officials who are now angrily vowing to oppose Donald J. Trump’s presidency.” But of course in doing so, Obama will automatically become the leader of that opposition. In other words, if Trump does take office, those who feel threatened by his deranged nature won’t have to feel alone.

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