Jeff Sessions is a nothing burger

Donald Trump’s ugliness was front and center at today’s press conference. You could almost pinpoint the exact moment he went off script and the pugilist in him came out. It was almost as if he could not help himself and welcomed an excuse to exercise his right to boss everyone around, to show he still has some strength. Truth is, Trump is panicking and therefore he is going to lash out at everyone he can think of to strengthen his position.

When the media asked Trump, “What are you going to do now that the Democrats have the majority in the House?” Trump may as well have answered, “Force Jeff Sessions to resign.” Trump’s only advantage hinges on if he can install someone into the position who’s equal parts skilled and corrupt, but he can’t even hire a decent private defense attorney.

Jeff Sessions was the first to endorse Donald Trump back when Trump was still an underdog, but that loyalty did not earn Sessions much staying power. Trump is being forced to play cutthroat because all his options are diminished, and hopefully, he’ll make a major mistake while he is panicking. His son is probably facing indictment, and Trump won’t be able to let that stand, because he has no problem putting his children in the line of fire but can’t stand the thought of not saving face. Right now, we are seeing the Mueller noose closing in on Trump, and Trump is going to, if he behaves in typical Trump fashion, overcorrect and shoot himself in the foot.

Now that Donald Trump has accomplished ditching Jeff Sessions in the hope of coercing someone to exercise leniency towards him and his infidelities, we can expect the harassment of Mueller to ratchet up. That is, if Trump gets his way. Chances are, whoever he puts into the position permanently will do the same thing Sessions did, which is to try to get along with him but not cross the kind of line that could lead to getting indicted. In other words, it doesn’t matter who Trump gets put through to the position of Attorney General, or how combative that person is prepared to be on behalf of Trump, because he or she is still answerable to the law.