Why does everyone suddenly think Robert Mueller is a hapless idiot?

To hear most pundits on television and most commenters on social media tell it, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is little more than a hapless buffoon. Donald Trump has supposedly somehow caught Mueller off guard today by firing Jeff Sessions and replacing with him Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, even though Trump telegraphed the move more than a month ago, and now there’s nothing that Mueller can possibly do to avoid being magically fired himself. Oh come on.

Donald Trump only has one skill left in his otherwise addled brain: manipulating the media into manipulating the public into believing that he’s about to wave a magic wand and cause something to happen that can’t possibly happen, so everyone will be too distracted to notice that he’s getting away with some other more subtle con.

Trump proved that again today when he wiped out an entire news cycle about the Democrats winning the House, simply by firing Sessions, thus setting off widespread panicked hysteria about how he’s somehow going to magically get away with everything. But to buy into what Trump is selling today, you’d have to believe that Robert Mueller is too naive to have realized Trump was going to try this, too tepid to have come up with a counterstrategy, and too stupid to outsmart Trump.

Again, why does everyone think Robert Mueller is a hapless idiot? This is the guy who has expertly managed to do the impossible, like getting Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn to flip on Donald Trump. This is the guy who has sent half of Trump’s top advisers packing for prison. On the other hand, Trump is such a one-dimensional thinker, his super secret strategy against Mueller has been to wait far too long to finally make a move, and then do precisely Mueller saw coming all along. Unless you think Mueller is a complete idiot, stop panicking today.