New York Times posts hilariously awful correction about Donald, Melania, and Ivanka Trump

We all make mistakes in political journalism (for instance I once got Congressman Denny Heck mixed up with Congressman Joe Heck), but sometimes the resulting corrections are more unintentionally hilarious than others. The New York Times published a rather useful article today documenting the number of days in which Donald Trump has spent at each of his personal properties since being sworn in. But one little thing went wrong…

We’ll let the Times explain the matter in its own words, in the correction it has since appended to the bottom of its article:

Cue your own jokes. In the mean time, the New York Times article in question is worth reading, and serves as a handy guide for winning any arguments with Trump supporters about just how much time Trump has spent on vacation thus far – and how much golf he’s played. But the article will probably always be best remembered for the correction. You can read it here.

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