Donald Trump’s stooge Kayleigh McEnany goes completely off the rails

Donald Trump recently wrote a letter to Governor J.B. Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot to blast their alleged inability to control crime in Chicago, and offered to help. Over the weekend, Trump again tweeted about violence in big cities and his offer to help. The cities do have violence issues, no doubt, but Trump and his ideas for fixing the issues surely will not resonate or solve those issues.

Trump tweeted for example: “New York City and Chicago play the Sanctuary City card, where criminals are protected. Perhaps they will have to start changing their ways (and thinking!).”

His Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, appears as bad as her boss. After holding a press conference on Monday, she tweeted: “Multiple shootings in multiple Democrat-run cities such as New York and Chicago. Tragic loss of life. But not one question during the briefing…”

She is as bad as her boss. This is an administration that repeatedly speaks of good people on “both sides,” and with Trump’s rhetoric about big cities and sanctuary cities, no city in its right mind would ask the Trump administration to come help.

What is most astounding about Kayleigh “Inanity” McEnany is that during the press briefings she holds, she does not ever respond with what the administration is actually doing to fix anything. And the White House press is not likely to be asking about the city violence that is occurring, as Trump and his band of ne’er-do-wells needs to address what it is doing about the coronavirus, for which Trump seeks to have compliments for the death rate being down, about his corruption, and many other topics that are more germane to the federal government than sending the troops in to address crime. We saw how they handled it in D.C., gassing peaceful protesters and other tactics. Thanks, but no thanks.

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