Jill Stein seeks local volunteers for impending state recounts that may help Hillary Clinton

Now that Jill Stein has raised enough money to cover the cost of filing a recount in three states well ahead of the deadlines, and she’s on her way to raising enough money to cover the attorney fees as well, she’s begun putting together her ground game. The recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are being seen by many as crucial, because if Hillary Clinton is named the winner in all three, she’ll be President instead of Donald Trump. As such, Stein is now recruiting volunteers to work the recount.

Although the states themselves will conduct each recount, the complaining candidate must pay for the total cost. Jill Stein has raised a stunning amount of money in just two days. Wisconsin officials said yesterday they’re now preparing for a recount, and Michigan and Pennsylvania are expected to announce the same. But Stein to bring her own volunteers to act as recount observers, who will watch to make sure that the state employees are doing the counting correctly and fairly.

Stein has posted three separate pages for volunteers to sign up to act as recount observers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton’s supporters have donated significant amounts of money to Stein’s recount effort in the hope that the results will make her President. It’s likely that Hillary’s supporters in and around these three states will now volunteer on the ground as well.

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