White House leak: Reince Priebus and Mike Pence suspect Putin is blackmailing Donald Trump

If Donald Trump’s deferential attitude toward Vladimir Putin and the intel reports of Russia holding blackmail tapes on him are enough to convince you that Trump truly is Putin’s puppet, it turns out you’re not alone. Disgruntled staffers within the White House, who have begun leaking one inside detail after another, have now shared this revelation: based on the way Trump acted during his recent phone call with Putin, even Reince Priebus and Mike Pence now suspect Putin may indeed be blackmailing Trump.

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The White House leaker in question has begun using the term “Unholy Trinity” to refer to Priebus, Pence, and Paul Ryan. After Donald Trump held a scheduled phone call with Vladimir Putin which curiously had all three of them (and Steve Bannon) in the room at the time, the leak account posted the following: “#UnholyTrinity insistence to monitor Putin call was due to concern POTUS hasn’t told full story about Putin attempts at blackmail… After call, #UnholyTrinity do not seem to have had any fears allayed. POTUS behavior during call said to be suspicious… #UnholyTrinity urging POTUS that if Putin is compromising him to allow them to help. POTUS continues to deny, despite firm intelligence.”

Although the White House leakers using the @RoguePOTUSStaff account have not yet been able to definitively “prove” they are who they say they are, we’re inclined to strongly lean toward legitimacy for two reasons. One is that they announced the President of Mexico had canceled his meeting with Donald Trump before it was public knowledge, and also correctly predicted that Trump would tweet that he didn’t want the meeting anyway. They also announced that Pence would be in on the Putin call, and photographs subsequently published of the phone call confirmed this as well. And now it turns out Trump’s own top advisors think he’s being blackmailed by Russia.

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