Insiders: Donald Trump thinks Kellyanne Conway is “dumb” and the White House is “drab”

Now that Donald Trump’s first week in office has revealed him to be equal parts authoritarian and unstable, various entities within the federal government have begun actively rebelling against him in the hope of delegitimizing him in the eyes of the American people. Numerous federal agencies ranging from NASA to the National Park Service have launched rogue Twitter accounts to get the truth out there. And staffers within the White House now appear to be doing the same.

There is now a Twitter account calling itself @RoguePOTUSStaff which purports to consist of a group of White House staffers who believe Donald Trump is out of control and want to rein him in. Because they need to remain anonymous for their own professional safety, there’s no way to independently prove that they are who they say they are. But what they’ve been leaking, for instance Trump’s plan to tweet that he didn’t want to meet with the Mexican President, have matched up with how things ended up playing out. That gives credence to the other things they’ve tweeted, and some of them are eye popping.

For instance there was this opening salvo: “Pres. Trump is already making waves at the office. Wants to be ‘the President who will be remembered as a King.’ His words, not ours.” And then there’s the assertion that “Nobody’s really sure who’s in charge” in the White House because Trump is “easily manipulated with smooth compliments.” But there’s more.

Trump purportedly loved it when Kellyanne Conway made her “alternative facts” flub on national television, because while he thinks she’s “dumb” he liked the idea that everyone would be talking about it — presumably taking the heat off his own scandals. And then there’s the assertion that Trump keeps going around telling everyone that the White House is “a little drab for what I’m used to,” suggesting he’s too hung up on the aesthetics of the place to focus on the job. Follow the @RoguePOTUSStaff Twitter account here.

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