Hundreds of disputed votes in Milwaukee already uncovered by Wisconsin recount

With the statewide recount in Wisconsin still getting underway, and most counties not yet having posted any revised vote totals on the state’s official election website, reports on the ground from designated recount observers have proven to be crucial in tracking the progress and developments. For instance in Milwaukee County, the state’s largest county, the recount has already involved hundreds of disputed votes that have now been ruled as valid.

Ana Ortiz-Monasterio Draa, a Wisconsin recount observer representing third party candidate Jill Stein, posted the following information to the Facebook group which observers have been using for information sharing:

“The county election board did their hearings for disputed ballots at the front of the room. The only large number of votes that was in dispute was 500+ City of Milwaukee votes they were going to toss because the ballots were not signed. I argued the case against the Trump volunteer from NY. The board followed their precedent of not disenfranchising voters because of poll workers errors, accepted the votes.”

Her post can be found in the comments section of this Facebook post. In other words, these five hundred votes – which the Trump campaign was trying to reject – will be included. With Hillary Clinton having received two thirds of the original vote in Milwaukee County, it’s likely that the vast majority of these five hundred votes are for Clinton.


This likely explains why the Trump campaign observer, who rather curiously flew in from New York just to act in that role, tried to fight so hard to prevent the five hundred votes from counting. But as the observer states above, these votes will officially count.

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