Clueless Donald Trump claims Pennsylvania recount effort is finished. Wrong!

During the presidential debates, Donald Trump developed a habit of arbitrarily yelling “Wrong!” any time the opposing candidate said something that he didn’t want to be true. Now it may be time for Americans to yell the same back at him, after he made the mistake of falling for the initial incorrect reporting from several major news outlets who falsely claimed that Jill Stein had abandoned her recount effort in Pennsylvania. Although those reports were corrected within hours, Trump apparently didn’t get the message.

“The Green Party just dropped its recount suit in Pennsylvania,” Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday afternoon. Wrong! As it turns out, the real story is that Stein simply shifted her legal case from Pennsylvania state court, where she was being blackballed, to federal court in the hope of the judge ordering a statewide recount – as Palmer Report reported last night even as major news outlets were still shouting that the recount effort was finished. This story was particularly easy to track down, as Stein had posted the information on her own official Facebook page.

Stein is also embarking on a simultaneous strategy of pushing for recounts in various Pennsylvania counties, in the hope that the corrected vote totals will push Donald Trump’s statewide lead below the 0.5% mark, which would prompt an automatic statewide recount under current state law, thus not requiring a judge’s approval – which Palmer Report also accurately reported last night amid a sea of false and misleading headlines from major media outlets, none of whom acknowledged the strategy.


But even after various major news outlets had changed their reporting earlier today to accurately reflect that Stein is simply shifting strategies, it appears Trump didn’t get the message. Wherever he’s getting his news from, be it from a staff member or from his own Twitter exploits, he’s relying on embarrassingly outdated information which wasn’t even true at the time it was reported. In other words, Wrong!

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