How to finish this off

We won. Normalcy, decency and conscience is returning to America. It can’t come soon enough. But now we have to look forward and one thing is clear: Trump will be gone but Trumpism won’t be going anywhere soon. We know this from the people rabidly spreading lies about the legitimacy of the mail-in ballot and the election itself. They are angry and vengeful. We’ve got a long decade to go before January 20th arrives.

The answer to this process, however, is empathy and respect. Republicans have had their party hijacked by evil, greedy and corrupt politicians. They’ve been immersed in 30 years of propaganda from right wing talk radio and Fox News. They’ve been urged to stay uninformed and to rely only on their emotions which their media purposefully enrages 24/7. As a result, their reactions come as no surprise.

Tolerance is needed now more than ever. The courts are not going to change the Biden outcome. The future is going blue because young people, minorities and women aren’t going backward. The world is going to move on from Trumpism, but before it goes entirely, it will indeed try our patience. Hang on. What you’re seeing in the temper tantrum at Walmart is the death rattle of the Republican Party. We need a two-party system. But we need ethical politicians, and Mitt Romney aside, the Republicans have proved time and time again that they talk a good game and act only in their self-interests. They need to go.

The way to sway voters is to let them vent. Ask them to give the new administration a chance (remember that jewel from four years ago?) and leave them alone. They have no future if they don’t get a grip on their party and this will involve the entire remake of the party, including the name. It will take a decade or more to create a new viable party. So have some kindness for the losers. They can’t change the future. They can’t keep Trump & Co. out of prison. Their party can’t ultimately survive. Treat them gently as the terminal cases they are.

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