Hillary Clinton campaign fires back at “small and sad” Donald Trump after recount meltdown

For the past several days, Hillary Clinton and her team have taken the public position that they’re only participating in Jill Stein’s recount effort out of a sense of duty, to help make sure the recount is done correctly. But now that Donald Trump has been having a Twitter meltdown about the recounts that’s been over the top even by his standards, the Clinton team is beginning to publicly take the gloves off and is pulling no punches.

After Trump went on a midnight tweet storm in which he invented millions of imaginary illegal voters and randomly claimed that three states had somehow been rigged against him, Christina Reynolds decided to fire back at him. “Winning the electoral college won him the presidency, so Trump’s excuses on why he lost the popular vote by millions are just small and sad,” she tweeted in response.

So who is Christina Reynolds? She just happens to be the Deputy Communications Director for Hillary for America. In other words, a fairly high-up and routinely visible member of the Hillary Clinton team is now publicly pushing back against Trump when it comes to the recount effort. Reynolds went on to point out that “The very very rare cases of people voting illegally found so far were Trump voters.”

This may be the next step in Hillary Clinton’s strategy for moving forward with the process. By remaining out of the public eye these past few weeks and allowing the recount effort to be publicly spearheaded by a third party candidate with the percolating support of the public, and then signing onto the recounts in the least controversial manner possible, the Clinton team has set the stage for Donald Trump to have a public meltdown over the recounts – thus allowing them to gradually amplify their own position by using his behavior as a basis for that escalation. In such instances, appearing reasonable out of the gate can be crucial to being listened to by the people in the middle later.

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