GOP Senator John Kennedy has bizarre “call a crackhead” meltdown


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The world of politics is a fascinating place to be right now. There’s so much going on, and no day is ever the same as the day before. So what are some of the things going on in politics? Well, there are COVID vaccines, a tremendous Biden agenda, and crack. You did not read that wrong.

Crack. It seems to be the subject of the month among the GOP. First, we had the former guy’s disturbed son posting crack pipes on Twitter, mocking Hunter Biden. Now we have Good ole boy, Senator John Kennedy (insurrectionist party-Louisiana.)

Appearing on Troll TV (Fox News), Kennedy seemed indignant as he railed against Democrats’ “hated” of Police. Then he said this: “If you hate cops just because they’re cops…then next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead.”

OK. This is just more proof that we are in a simulation. Because nobody can possibly be that dumb (can they?). “Call a crackhead” is a moronic and racist thing to say live on national television.

A word on Senator Kennedy. Many claim his “dumb and dumber” routine is an act. I call BS on that. First off, Senator Kennedy may have had an Ivy League education. That does not make him intelligent. It makes him “book-smart.” There is a world of difference between those with intelligence and those with an education. Education does not equal intellect.

Also, this is no act by Kennedy. He likes it too much. His ‘aw shucks, I’m really stupid” persona may have started as an act, but he is entirely too comfortable in this role for it to be an act.

The Dems don’t hate the police. I’d argue the GOP might since many support the insurrectionists who tortured Police during the insurrection. Kennedy is a moron, and that was a moronic statement. The good people of Louisiana do have my sympathies for having such an ignoramus representing them.



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