Follow the money: ugly new scandal for GOP Senator Ron Johnson

Senator Ron Johnson (Not worthy of Wisconsin’s cheese, insurrection party, Wisconsin) is one of the more demented senators around.

Every month it seems Johnson makes another bogus and false claim. He loves to come up with conspiracy theories, and none of them make any sense.

The fact that these crazed theories make little sense does not appear to matter to him. Johnson recently said the FDA played a “bait and switch” regarding the Covid vaccine. He also says they admit to it.

And I say that there are 18 days in a week, there are 90 states, and Jim Morrison is really alive. (Would that that last one was true!)

But now Johnson is being questioned about his taxes — and why he seemingly paid so little considering, he is a millionaire.

Per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Johnson paid just $2,105 in state income taxes in 2017. Why is that? We do not know because Johnson’s not saying. And he also will not provide his tax returns to the media.

This is particularly important now — since the weird Wisconsinite is mulling over another Senate run.

If he DOES run, he will need to find some way of explaining himself, and “none of your business” is not going to cut it.


The Senator is exceedingly wealthy and is a super-high-net-worth individual. His accumulated wealth stands in the multi-millions. So, we will see where this goes. Regardless of whether or not he runs again, Johnson needs to clarify the situation with the American people.

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