The end of Donald Trump

As the mainstream media continues to churn out clickbait about how Donald Trump is absolutely positively going to be a viable presidential candidate in 2024 (and rewards any pundits who also push this clickbait narrative), it’s becoming more clear that Trump isn’t even in the arena anymore.

Trump’s political handlers have now launched a new Super PAC called – and we’re not making this up – “Make America Great Again, Again.” Given the timing, it’s obvious that the Trump camp is trying to raise money (and pocket it) by creating the illusion in 2021 that Trump will be a candidate in 2024, just as we predicted would happen.

But the name alone gives away that Donald Trump really is as far gone cognitively as his rare and disastrous public appearances in 2021 have suggested. Trump came up with “Make America Great Again” in 2016, and while it didn’t appeal to voters with functioning brains, it did appeal to idiots who like simplistic rah-rah slogans. But instead of Trump coming up with a new 2024 slogan aimed at idiots, his handlers have pretty obviously come up with “Make America Great Again, Again” because they don’t much know how to fake it on Trump’s behalf. Instead they’re just recycling old Trump material, in such a clumsy manner that even the MAGA idiots will be left confused. Are they supposed to wear MAGAA hats now?

The real question is when the media is going to admit that Donald Trump’s mind has clearly been turning into a bowl of jello as the year has gone on. Of course acknowledging this would put a damper on the media’s plans to spend 2021 and 2022 chasing ratings and page views by pretending that Trump is going to magically win in 2024. The media is currently giving airtime to Omarosa’s assertion that Trump’s physical health is collapsing, but that may only be because anything Omarosa says is good for ratings.


In other words, the media is still largely covering politics in 2021 as if it were one big reality show. And yet the media’s ratings are in free fall this year across the board. Instead of pretending that a defeated and shattered Donald Trump is about to magically make a comeback, perhaps the media should try to hit its ratings marks in 2021 by just being honest for a change. Nothing else seems to be working for them. Step one would be to finally acknowledge that there’s a reason Trump’s handlers very rarely allow him to appear in public these days – when he does, he comes off as three quarters senile and half dead. Ignoring this truth is nothing short of journalistic malpractice.

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