Desperate Donald Trump files last ditch court petition to try to stop Michigan recount

Now that three key swing states are on the verge of having their votes recounted amid wildly shifting official vote totals and widespread instances of discrepancies, the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s “victories” in these states is now in question. But rather than allowing the recount process to play out in the name of legitimizing the vote totals, Trump is now going to desperate lengths to try to stop the entire process in its tracks.

With the Wisconsin recount already officially underway, Donald Trump’s attorneys filed an emergency petition today with the courts in Michigan (source: Detroit Free Press) to try to prevent its recount from also getting underway. The language from the attorneys sounds like something the often hyperbolic Trump might have written himself, using words such as “lawless” and “insulting” and “knocked off its hinges.”

Rather than having any real hope of being able to stop the Michigan recount, Donald Trump and his attorneys appear to be simply trying to make sure they get their emphatic objection to the recount on the record. This comes after Trump himself had plunged into a series of bizarre tantrums on Twitter, which appeared to be aimed at generically casting doubt on the upcoming results of the recounts.


Meanwhile, all three states in question have recently revised their original vote totals in such a manner that drastically reduces the size of Trump’s original winning margin. Pennsylvania shaved 23,700 votes off Trump’s supposed win total today, while Wisconsin has reduced his lead by around five thousand votes, and Michigan has shrunk his lead by more than two thousand votes. And this all comes before the recounts, which could uncover even more widespread vote total discrepancies. This may be why Trump and his attorneys are now trying to get the Michigan recount shut down in court.

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