C-SPAN broadcast hijacked by Russian propaganda network for ten minutes

C-SPAN, the television channel which is best known for regularly broadcasting the live proceedings on the floor of Congress, was hijacked today by a broadcast of a Russian propaganda television news network for a full ten minutes. Although C-SPAN is currently claiming that it essentially hijacked itself due to some kind of internal error, that claim is facing widespread skepticism among those reacting to the matter — considering that it happened just two days after an intelligence report surfaced accusing Russia of holding blackmail material on Donald Trump.

Viewers of C-SPAN saw the broadcast of a speech by Representative Maxine Waters, who had been speaking about the Securities and Exchange Commission, suddenly replaced with a live broadcast of Russia Today. That’s the same Russian TV news network which was exposed on Tuesday for having allegedly conspired with the Russian government to rig the United States presidential election in Trump’s favor.


Now comes the question of whether C-SPAN is being accurate and truthful in its claim that this was merely some kind of internal error, or whether Russia Today really did manage to back into C-SPAN, as so many Americans are skeptically concluding right now. This startling and unnerving story is almost certainly still unfolding. You can watch the start of the C-SPAN hijack in the video below:

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