After public backlash, Rockettes will not be forced to perform at Donald Trump inauguration

What a difference a few hours of massive online public backlash can make. After it became publicly known that the Rockettes were being forced to perform at the upcoming inauguration of the widely despised and self-admitted sexual predator Donald Trump, the public began applying pressure to the group’s boss, MSG president James Dolan. And now comes word that the Rockettes will not be forced to perform at the inaugural after all.

As the situation stands now, according to this updated report from the New York Times, each individual Rockettes dancer will be allowed to decide whether or not to sign up to participate in the inaugural. This came after public outcry across social media networks including Facebook and Twitter, along with numerous petitions posted on

Longtime Star Trek actor and popular Facebook personality George Takei summed up the matter, in reference to the fact that Donald Trump lost the election by three million votes and that it was rigged Russia to begin with: “The members of the Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle are like all of us: Forced to go along with something horrible they didn’t choose.”

This apparent reversal in policy comes after the Rockettes union had announced earlier in the day that full time Rockettes dancers would be “obligated” to participate in the Trump inauguration. This all comes after popular musicians including Elton John and Garth Brooks and Andrea Bocelli had all declined invitations to perform.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report