George H.W. Bush won’t attend Donald Trump inauguration; George W. Bush may not either

Donald Trump’s difficulty in getting anyone of note to attend his inauguration has now extended beyond the parade of famous musicians who have snubbed him. In a historically unprecedented development, Trump is having difficulty convincing the former Presidents of the United States to attend. One former President is already officially out, while multiple others could also end up skipping the inaugural.

President George H.W. Bush says he will not attend Donald Trump’s inauguration, even though the two men are of the same political party. The elder Bush is diplomatically using his advanced age as his reason for begging off. But his reasons could run deeper, as Bush voted for Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton just to try to prevent the erratic Trump from winning. And two more Presidents who can’t use their age or health as an excuse may also not attend.

George W. Bush has thus far declined to RSVP for Donald Trump’s inaugural event, and he won’t publicly say whether he’ll end up attending, according to Politico. And former President Bill Clinton may also skip the event, according to Time Magazine, which would give Hillary Clinton and excuse not to attend as well. Oddly, the only former President confirmed to be attending is Jimmy Carter, who is ninety-two years old.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report