Donald Trump responds to James Comey’s leaked testimony by admitting to a felony

Former FBI Director James Comey leaked the opening statement of his congressional testimony a day in advance, seemingly in an attempt at baiting Donald Trump into becoming enraged and responding in a self incriminating manner on Twitter. Instead, Trump responded by releasing a statement in which he admitted to committing felony obstruction of justice.

Hours after Comey’s advance testimony surfaced, the Associated Press posted the following news blurb: “Trump lawyer: President feels ‘completely and totally vindicated’ by Comey’s testimony, is eager to move forward.” (link). In so doing, Trump acknowledged that Comey’s testimony is true and accurate. And that’s a huge problem for him.

Comey’s testimony documents multiple instances of Trump committing extreme obstruction of justice by directly asking Comey to alter the investigation in exact words. And now Trump just admitted that it’s all true. In no uncertain terms, Donald Trump confessed tonight.


Even more oddly, Trump released the self incriminating statement through his attorney. That means Trump is being represented by the kind of attorney who’s willing to release something that’s totally devastating to his client’s legal prospects, simply because the client insists on it. So not only is Trump confessing to felonies, he’s relying on attorneys who can no longer control his self destructive behavior.

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