Decrepit Donald Trump is falling to pieces

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It is fitting that the Republican Party reflects the moral bankruptcy of its erstwhile leader. It is also fitting that Republicans still stubbornly cling to Trump as the future of their party, given that the GOP’s entire approach is to look backward instead of forward. They long for the halcyon days of the Ozzie & Harriet/Beaver Cleaver white nuclear families, rather than facing the fact that today’s America is ethnically and racially diverse, and that allowing equal rights and privileges for all will strengthen, rather than weaken, America.

Bankruptcy, of course, is what Trump does — whether his businesses, his aborted “new” social media platforms, or, if he had his way, the country. Imagine a political party so bereft of ideas and policies that it believes its best hope for coming back into power is to hitch its wagon to a former star who is fading fast.

Imagine being so scared of offending him or his vaunted “base” that prominent party members and wannabes fall all over themselves and each other in a race to shower him with the most preposterous praise. “He’s stronger and fitter than ever!” they proclaim, as a trickle of photos emerges that shows him almost literally falling apart, with a slack-jawed expression and slovenly appearance, giving the general impression that he has no clue where he is.

The disastrous North Carolina rally, where Trump’s handlers allowed him to speak live, confirmed that he is lifeless, listless, and detached from reality, as he half-heartedly rambled on incoherently about his perceived grievances.

Reports that he insists on doing things “his way” do nothing to enhance his standing. A two-year old also insists on doing things their way, but that doesn’t mean you actually give them the keys to the car and allow them to drive.

Trump is now the personification of his Doral Resort. It once had a measure of prestige (even if that was based on hyperbolic marketing), but under Trump’s “care,” it has deteriorated into a decrepit, dilapidated, flea-infested facility – a shell of its former self. In a last gasp effort to milk some money out of it, Trump tried, unsuccessfully, to put it forth as the site of a G-7 conference. Thankfully, that attempt was rejected.

Similarly, the Republicans’ attempt to project the feeble Trump as the future of the country should also be rejected. But voters need to be aware of the fact that any other candidate ultimately put forth by the Republicans is just a poor imitation of the faded former star – and just as rotten on the inside as he is – even if they may have a more polished façade.

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