Everyone piles on after Trump stooge Elise Stefanik’s “Save America” debacle

There are a whole lot of ways in which America needs saving. But the single biggest one – the ouster of Donald Trump – has already happened. In the months since, House Republicans have been rather clueless about what to do with thresmevels. Their “leader” has been made powerless and irrelevant, yet they’re afraid to move on from him because still hanging around to troll them.

That brings us to Elise Stefanik, the Trump loyalist who is the number three House Republican now that Liz Cheney has been ousted from her leadership position for having been insufficiently pro-Trump. Stefanik posted this rather pathetic tweet this evening:


Suffice it to say, the results didn’t go well for her. Typical responses to the tweet included “Elise Stefanik wants to save America, from what? It’s already been rescued by the Biden Administration” and “At this point, do you even remember what dignity felt like?”

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