YouTube finally drops the hammer on these loons

The Internet channel YouTube announced today that it is going to be blocking all anti-vaccine commentary on its platform. This includes people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and alternative medicine entrepreneur Joseph Mercola, who have been prominent figures in the movement questioning mandatory vaccines for measles, mumps, and other diseases.

YouTube has previously blocked anti-COVID-19 vaccine commentary. YouTube stated that they had removed over 130,000 videos for violating their Covid-19 vaccine information policies, but this is an apparent expansion of that policy. It remains to be seen how many more anti-vaxxer videos will be removed from YouTube.


Despite the efforts at advancing the truth by social media giants like YouTube, the anti-COVID-vaccine movement will no doubt continue to thrive so long as self-serving Trumpublican politicians like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem continue their repressive and deadly anti-vaxxer policies. Perhaps enough of their voters will fall victim to COVID-19 or its variants to make a difference in their reelection campaigns. The ballot box is the best method of stopping harmful public policies and commentary. Get out there and support your state and local progressive candidates.

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