Turns out Donald Trump was even more of a Russian puppet than we knew

Every time Republicans accuse you of something specific enough, you can bet safely that they’re either doing that exact thing on their own, planning for it, or they’ve already done it. Look back at every Republican political scandal in recent American history and you’ll see this exact pattern unfolding one way or another.

Sure enough, former Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham’s new book leaked a revelation that suggests what we all suspected about Donald Trump: He was pretty obviously collaborating with Putin and probably a good deal of the administration knew it, if they weren’t outright complicit.

She deserves exactly zero credit for this, and if you really do feel the need to read it, settle for checking it out of a library, as she was in a position to do something about it but waited until she could sell a book. According to Grisham, at the 2019 G20 Summit, Trump coached Vladimir Putin in private, warning him ahead of time that he’d act tougher on him whenever the cameras were rolling.


It was fairly obvious to most of us when we saw it, but now we have one leak confirming our suspicions. It’s likely that we’ll be hearing a few more in the days to come – otherwise the GOP wouldn’t be bringing up Russia on their own. They’re going into damage control and hoping we fall for it.

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