“Your way is failing”

As Jake Tapper of CNN pointed out to Governor Tate Reeves (R), the state of Mississippi – his state – has an infection rate second only to the third-world nation of Peru. “Your way is failing, Governor.”

The GOP, the self-proclaimed party of ‘personal responsibility’ is the undeniable home of anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers. The Republican strongholds of Mississippi, Kentucky, Idaho, Florida and Texas are experiencing unprecedented infection and death from COVID-19. The pandemic has been re-labeled by the CDC as the ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’.

Meanwhile, the governors of those other blighted states remain steadfast in their lunacy; adamantly refusing to mandate the simplest of mitigation tactics; wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance and get your jabs.

It can be argued that if such simple steps had been mandated a year ago, the deadly delta variant of COVID-19, would never have had the chance to mutate and spread, worsening the plague.

It seems heartless and cold to say Let ‘em; ‘let them self-destruct.’ Let them be the agent of their own demise. It may seem almost Malthusian to some but the party of personal responsibility, the ‘pro-life party’ has taken this psychotic stand on shifting sands and I say, ’Let ‘em. They have skipped beyond the pale into a twilight zone where the instinct of self-preservation is void and over-written.

It’s analogous to facing a nut-ball threatening your life and the lives of your family with an AR-15 who, just before firing, boasts of his invulnerability and leaps in front of a speeding freight train. Splat! Condolences to the family of such an ignorant POS.


Cold. It smacks of ‘tough-love’. It smells of sociopathy to say ‘Let ‘em’. However, those ignoramuses who refute medical experts and deny medical science are quite literally digging their own graves and self-righteously thumping their chests as they leap into the hole. Let ‘em and break out the tiny violins!

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