Defeating Joe Manchin

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “imposter syndrome?” This is a condition where an individual feels like an imposter or fraud in their own skin. Perhaps this person is a high achieving athlete and feels like they didn’t earn their success. Perhaps they’re an actor who feels the same — or a teacher, or a nurse. The key point is they have difficulties accepting their success. Perhaps you or someone you know has had imposter syndrome.

I did. When I first started writing many years ago, I refused to call myself a writer. The reason for that is I had a mistaken belief that only famous and established writers had that right. I felt like an imposter, although through my family, friends and other writers that did change.

Now I call myself a writer — and an activist. Do you? I hope you call yourself an activist. Because you are. Every phone call you make to Senator makes you an activist. Every time you email Congress, you are an activist. If you retweet a message about voting, or you post an election reminder — you are an activist.

All of you are activists. And right now, America NEEDS you more than ever. We cannot simply focus on 2022 because there are things we must do NOW. There is much work to be done. America is beautiful, and we must unleash our activism to keep her that way. It needs you to call Senator Manchin. It needs you to urge Congress to pass voting rights.

It needs you to speak out about injustices that are happening everywhere. Activism is a beautiful thing. It is activists who have the power to change the world. We have already done so, many times. Be proud of the selfless work you have done as an activist, and let’s do this!

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