Working around Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin. We hear that name so much lately. And that is why I felt the need to write this article. Because some of the things I am hearing bother me and should bother you. On Tuesday, Senator Manchin said he opposes the House legislation on background checks. He prefers the legislation he had been working on with Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey.

His comments enraged some Democrats who reacted swiftly. Many called for him to be primaried. Many said he should just change his party affiliation to Republican. This is dangerous talk. Let’s break it down.

First off, Manchin represents the state of West Virginia. It is one of the reddest states in the United States. If Manchin were to be primaried, a more liberal Democrat would never and could never win in that state. If Manchin were to change parties, the Senate would fall into the hands of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who would become Majority leader.

The Senator represents a state entrenched in guns. He is getting lots of pushback from his state to take a hard line on this. As much as we do not like what he is doing, we cannot let that dislike boil over into rage because if we did that, we’d be in danger of losing virtually everything we’ve worked so hard for.

There are options. There has been increasing talk that Biden may use Executive Orders to do something on gun reform. With these types of orders, he’d be limited in what exactly he could and could not do, but it is a start.


And Manchin’s waffling changes nothing in regard to the filibuster. The day is coming (soon) where it will either be reformed or eliminated. Manchin is what he is, but there are reasons for it. Stay focused on the ultimate goal.

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