Lauren Boebert caught trying to pull a fast one

The lowest of scumbag politicians love trying to get ahead by pandering to the worst instincts of the most deranged people out there. For instance, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has defined her entire public image around gun worship. But what happens when deranged people begin shooting?

Boebert gave her answer this week. She had been posing for video interviews in front of a wall of assault weapons. But now that multiple mass shootings have taken place in the past week, suddenly Boebert has quietly replaced those guns with some artwork.

She initially appeared to think no one would notice the switch, but of course most people aren’t stupid. Once she got caught trying to pull a fast one, she then tried to act like the whole thing was a joke, tweeting that she “moved them upstairs so Biden couldn’t get to them.” That’s right, she now thinks all this deadly gun violence is funny – and she thinks this is the time to push the “Biden in the basement false narrative.


Lauren Boebert is either a full blown psychopath, or she’s skilled at pretending to be one for political reasons. Either way, she’s the kind of national security threat who shouldn’t even so much as be allowed near Capitol Hill, let alone be serving in Congress. The Republican Party continues to put the nation’s safety at risk by refusing to expel the overtly violent Boebert.

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