Donald Trump won’t skate this time

The GOP gave Donnie another pass. Another of the free passes that Donnie has gotten most of his life. 
The GOP gave one to him a year ago at the first impeachment trial. 
They gave him one when they nominated him in ’16. 
They gave him a pass for all the ugly lies he told; 35,000 by WaPo’s count. They gave him a pass on kids in cages. 
They gave him a pass when he called Black athletes ‘sons of bitches’.

They gave him a pass when he found good fascists and white nationalists in Charlottesville. 
The GOP gave a pass when he ridiculed a physically challenged journalist. They gave him a pass when he vilified the fourth estate. 
They gave him a pass when he botched the US reaction to the pandemic leading to nearly half a million Americans dead. (The Lancet claims that a full 40% of whom died unnecessarily and as a result of Donnie’s ineptitude, recalcitrance and stupidity; 200,000 souls!)

Now, the GOP has given Donnie a pass on inciting an insurrection against the USA. He caused a murderous riot enacted by his MAGA-cult, ammosexual terrorists, white nationalists, QAnon-imbeciles and the GOP gave him another pass.

WT honest-to-god F is that about? Donnie has gotten such passes all his life. It’s enough to undermine one’s faith in justice, in fair-play, in decency.
 Donnie has skated on the thinnest of ice and… well… skated. Skated out of trouble as he got pass after pass from his father, from banks, from Russian oligarchs and from the GOP.

We cannot allow Donnie to skate free again. He must not be given another free pass to run rough-shod over the Constitution, the Rule of Law and all that is good and holy.

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