This fatalist hysteria isn’t helping

Since Trump has left office, I have seen so much fear on the part of the Democrats. Questions are swirling like, “What if he runs in 2024?” Some Democrats are scaring themselves into near hysteria.

If you are a follower of the Palmer Report (and I hope you are), you must know by now that Trump running in 2024 will not happen. But let’s break it down now. Here is what Trump will do in the upcoming months and years, and here is why all Democrats should breathe a sigh of relief.

Trump’s in trouble. He is up to his neck in civil Litigation. He has multiple criminal investigations against him.

He has few friends left. And please do not make the mistake of counting people like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz as “friends.” Their relationships with Trump are not real. This is because as soon as they see it going wrong, they will throw him to the wolves. Like Trump, they care only about themselves.

Trump has lost his Twitter account. You’d better believe that pissed him off, but there is nothing he can do about it. He is banned forever. Now, it is being reported from multiple outlets that he is fighting with his neighbors, who are not happy that he is their neighbor. His approval ratings are in the toilet, at their lowest. He cannot even make his home in New York because he is hated so profoundly.


So, to sum up, Trump has been neutered. He is a parody, the butt of many jokes, and a national disgrace. Do not fear him. Things will only get worse for him. So, don’t worry about Trump. Lady Justice is coming for him way before 2024.

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