Wonders never cease

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Wonders will never cease. (Please read line again with a sarcastic tone.)
‘Wonders will never cease.’

The GOP denied the January 6th insurrection happened. At all. And if it did, it was more like a procession of looky-loos and gawking tourists; certainly, not a mob frothing at the mouth and chanting death chants. ‘They were strolling between the stanchions’ claims Andrew Clyde (R-Ga) in video testimony.

That flat-out, neck-snapping denial of reality followed GOP Leadership (i.e. McConnell and McCarthy) who stammered of the horror and the blame which they, themselves, laid at the doorstep of Donald J. Trump.

Those were simpler days.

Later, GOP House Minority leadership (sic) beat the drum of denial; hoping the ‘thud-thud-thud’ will drive out memory of what they said and what really happened on January 6th. That dim-witted hope was gone with the appearance of the four officers before the Select Committee. (Turns out, it proves hard to deny hours of video evidence when coupled with heart-felt testimony from sworn officers of the law who saved their sorry arses that day.)

So, with the flat-out denial having run its course, the GOP launched their ‘Nuh-uh! It’s YOU!’ defense. (Also known as the ‘Rubber & Glue gambit’ or the ‘Stand-it-on-its-own-head’ move.) The GOP now publically blame Nancy Pelosi. That’s right! Nancy Pelosi is the culprit who allowed those valiant officers to be put in harm’s way. Pelosi is to blame. Not Boebert or MGT or Mo Brooks or Ghouliani and, most assuredly, NOT the ‘Once-and-Future Tangerine Douche,’ the Lard of Mar-A-Largo.

Nuh-uh. It was Nancy in the Rotunda with her hatred of America and Americans, standing against the rightfully crowned King of the Grifters.

The liar’s chestnut that the GOP have cracked open, the renowned ‘Nuh-uh’ It’s YOU!’ defense is akin to ‘Blame the Victim’ which is a mainstay in sexual harassment or rape cases. It’s often worded like ‘She dressed too sexy so I had to, Yer Honor.’

Ironically, the GOP was also victimized that day. As was the entire enterprise that is the great American Experiment. Let’s hold folks accountable or else the Wonders of the American Experiment will cease to be.

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