Matt Gaetz gets shown the door

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And now the latest installment in the “Matt Gaetz is deeply disturbed” show. Before I get into the latest on what the high-haired Congressman has done this time, I want to quote from beloved singer, songwriter, and poet, Jaques Brel: “We’re on a Carousel, a crazy Carousel.”

Indeed we are. It’s a giant and flashy Carousel, and it shows no sign of stopping the spin anytime soon. So Gaetz, in a stupid display of utter madness, decided to pay a visit to some of the jailed insurrectionists. If your eyes are rolling now–it gets worse.

He brought failed human experiment Marjorie Taylor Greene with him as well as Louie Gohmert. The three just wanted to hang with their klan – I mean kind – I suppose.

Only once again, things did not go the way the Venmo fan thought they would.

The three toxic insurrection supporters were once again chased away. This seems to be becoming a common theme.

Officers told Gaetz and his minions they were trespassing. Then the klan was denied entry into the facility. Gaetz tweeted that all the three loonies were trying to do was to see how the prison conditions were for the terrorists.

“What are they hiding?” the crazed Gaetz demanded to know.

The Twitter responses were hilarious and hopefully will provide you some amusement as they did for me.
“Your indictment.”
“They’re busy getting your room ready.”
“Turn yourself in, Matt.”
“They locked you out as the High School prom did.”
“You will find out soon what the conditions are like.”

Thank you, Twitter friends!

So, Gaetz is not even trying to hide his love of the insurrectionists anymore. Maybe it is because he knows he has nothing left to lose. The clock is ticking, and a possible indictment is heading his way. It cannot happen soon enough.

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