Why is 60 Minutes trying to normalize the Capitol attackers?

CBS “60 Minutes” is going to waste valuable and expensive air time Sunday evening to feature an in-depth interview with the idiot bare-chested wild man that led the raid on the Capitol on January 6, wearing a buffalo headdress, a war-painted face, and waving a spear. I’m sure you saw photos of his January Halloween costume, as they were splashed across front pages all over the U.S. and the world.

By exploiting world-class insanity, CBS News will be giving this so-called “QAnon Shaman” a bully pulpit to spew more of his ridiculous and dangerous QAnon conspiracy theories and the Big Lie that Trump’s election was stolen by some mystical evil cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles.

Q Crazy Man’s mother is also supposed to be part of the interview segment. She will probably say something to the effect that her poor misunderstood precious boy didn’t mean any harm by leading an angry mob into our National Capitol to trash and desecrate it, terrify and assault the workers and officials there, and kill some police officers. He was just there being a loyal American and following orders from his Commander-in-Chief to stop an election count that just had to be fraudulent despite all 50 states and top officials like Attorney General Barr saying it was legitimate, because our dear leader said it was stolen from him. And Honest Abe Trump never lies!

Why would CBS air a story in an effort to explain and somehow normalize the deranged, outrageous, and criminal conduct of one of the leaders of the January 6 insurrection? Aren’t there more important stories to cover, like the criminal fleecing of the U.S. taxpayers by the Trump Administration, or the brutal treatment of immigrants by Trump ICE officials?


The reason why simply is that CBS is just as greedy and ratings hungry as all the other networks. Legitimate stories like Trump’s reign of terror are so numerous, that they’ve become depressing and boring, and bad for ratings. But a feature about how a seemingly normal boy-next-door has transmogrified into a dangerous insurrectionist and the poster boy of the January 6 Capitol riot — now that’s exciting stuff! That’s sure to compel a horde of viewers to tune into CBS for their Sunday evening TV fix. I can hardly wait.

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