District Attorney in Georgia makes major hire in criminal case against Donald Trump

Earlier this week the Fulton County District Attorney in Georgia began putting her criminal case against Donald Trump in front of a grand jury. This is a big deal, because prosecutors generally only go to a grand jury once they’re confident they have enough evidence for a criminal indictment. Now the stakes have climbed even higher.

The big question in Georgia has been specifically what Trump will be criminally charged with. We’ve all heard the recording of him trying to use his office to illegally pressure Georgia’s Secretary of State into overthrowing the election results. But what is that? Election fraud? Something else?

Now the District Attorney has hired an outside attorney who is an expert in prosecuting state-level racketeering cases, according to Reuters. This points to Trump being criminally indicted for racketeering or something similar, which goes beyond mere election fraud. In other words, Trump is getting the book thrown at him.


This is all separate from the Manhattan District Attorney’s confirmed criminal case against Trump for various financial charges, and any charges that the Department of Justice and/or the Washington DC Attorney General might bring against Trump for the insurrection and other crimes.

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