What does Lindsey Graham think he’s doing?

Everyone knows Lindsey Graham is a hypocrite. Out of all the Republican Senators, Graham is one of the worst because his cravenness is obvious. And because he has changed his persona so often, one wonders if he even knows who he is.

The answer to that is he does not. There has been much speculation about why Graham turned into the person that he is. Some have suggested Trump “has” something on him. That could very well be. Other explanations fit as well.

The term “water seeks its own level” is the perfect analogy where Lindsey is concerned. And that statement is often true. People tend to seek out those who have shared interests and hobbies. People gravitate to others who understand them.

And this leads us to the friendship between Graham and Trump. It is my opinion this is not a friendship at all but a mutual understanding.

Neither of these two seems to care about much beyond themselves. Both have shown they will turn on anyone, including themselves. These men are like mirror images of each other. And that’s the point.

It is possible each of these two “men” sees the other reflected back at them. The relationship they have will most likely run its course. It is not a true friendship. They exist to help each other and enrich each other, but most of us know each of them would betray the other in a second if it did them some good.

Lindsey Graham has many changing faces, but that is to mask the fact that, in reality, he has no face at all. He has no core beliefs. He doesn’t stand for anything at all.

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