What does Kevin McCarthy think he’s doing?

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Kevin McCarthy has called on Dr. Anthony Fauci to resign. I wish I was making this up. I really am getting so tired of the continued wimpiness of cowardly Kevin (wimp-insurrection party-California.)

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, there is a propaganda attack going on right now, designed by GOP members and featuring many insane Fox hosts. They appear determined to smear Fauci any way they can.

And McCarthy, who won’t even investigate the January sixth attack, is now feigning fake indignation at Fauci.

I say “feigning” because that’s what it is. People, this is highly scripted reality TV. None of what the GOP and Fox entertainment are doing has ANYTHING to do with the truth. Nor does it really have to do with Fauci. The GOP needs someone to hate.

Their attacks on Hunter Biden did not work. Nor did their attacks on President Biden work. So, they must now hunt fresh meat. This is where Fauci comes in.

If they can label and smear him enough and make their MAGA constituents despise him, that will be very profitable for the insurrection party.

They can fundraise off it! They can make guest appearances on Tucker Carlson. Then, with their fake voices rising in fake fury, they can denounce Fauci and scare their voters into thinking Fauci is a monster.

And oh, how the cash will flow! Oh, how wild-eyed and infuriated the base will be! Why it might even turn into a campaign issue! This is something that can only help the GOP-right?

Wrong. The only thing the GOP is doing is once again trying to change the subject. This latest deplorable move will not bring them one new voter. It will, however, succeed in riling up the base.

But this is a reality show starring the GOP and written, directed, and produced by Fox Non News. So let the show begin, GOP, but this dishonest acting will get you nowhere but down in the polls.

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