GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel just found a whole new way to humiliate herself

Welcome to crazy land, people. The Republican party is at it again. But their latest attempt at mischief-making is quite laughable.

The GOP is very, very unhappy with having to debate Democrats publicly. And it’s no wonder they feel this way, given that many of the GOP candidates can barely string two sentences together.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is telling the Commission on Presidential Debates that the debate format is unfair.

The Commission is not doing anything differently. But the GOP has been reduced to a bunch of wailing infants decrying the debate format as they condemn anything that makes them look foolish.

But, of course, the coded message in all the GOP whining is “we’re embarrassed by our candidates, and we don’t want Middle America to hear them.”

The GOP provided the Commission with a three-page letter featuring a litany of complaints. They said the Commission “no longer provides the fair and impartial forum” that “the American people deserve.”

If I were head of the debate Commission and received that letter, it would go promptly into the trash bin.

So, the GOP threatens that if changes are not made, they might not have their candidates show up for the debates.

This, of course, is excellent news for our side and does warrant a celebration. However, I do believe this is all talk.

Imagine how many votes the insurrection party will lose if their candidates avoid human contact with the American People. I must say this strikes me as a fantastic way for The Democrats to win. But the GOP will back down.

And perhaps they shouldn’t. Can one imagine folks like Matt Gaetz (Sleepless-insurrection party-Florida) or Marjorie Taylor Greene (insane and getting more so-insurrection party-Georgia) trying to win over the hearts of moderates? No wonder the GOP is so fearful. The story is actually highly amusing.

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