We’ve got the Trumpublicans on the ropes now

It’s great to see Democratic leadership stop tolerating the antics of Trump-inspired cretins calling for violent insurrection, anti-vaxxing policies, dangerous masking bans in schools, workplaces, and indoor public areas, magical bogus COVID cures, climate change denial, bizarre QAnon theories, and other nonsensical and dangerous bull excrement spewed by the Trumpublican Party.

The take charge actions of President Biden has set an iron-clad standard for required COVID vaccinations in the workplace. His purge of Trump lackeys from federal advisory boards, sets a great example of cleaning up the Trump scum in our government.

The aggressive lawsuit filed by Attorney General Garland and the DOJ against Texas to nullify their new draconian abortion vigilante law, is the playbook to follow in wiping clean the Trumpists‘ goose stepping boot prints on our legal system.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flatly refuses to let House Trumpublican leader Kevin McCarthy derail the vital congressional investigation into the January 6 insurrection, which is charging ahead to seek the truth. She has stuck it to McCarthy by appointing two anti-Trump Republicans to the committee.

Democrats nationwide need to follow their party leaders to quit playing defense and take the offensive to turn the mean-spirited tactics of the right wing back at them. A case in point is the bold action against Trumpism recently taken by the liberal residents of Whitefish, Montana, in the midst of Trumpland. The Whitefish Jewish community was being targeted by a neo-Nazi hate campaign led by a prominent local resident. The libs refused to let white supremacy cancer take root in their town, and fought back with their own anti-bigotry counteroffensive.

The neo-Nazi leader has shown himself to be a cowardly bully and is now an ostracized outcast in the town. In fact, he will be criminally tried soon for his involvement in the deadly 2017 neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, Virginia. Let the Trumpublicans wail and gnash their teeth as the Democrats put their feet to the fire to purge the stench of Trumpism from our body politic. It will be a joyous noise.

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