Matt Gaetz turns against Kevin McCarthy

And now the latest update in the ongoing saga of “this is your life, Matt Gaetz.” As most of you know, Gaetz has not been indicted yet, although we fully expect he will be, and his indictment could happen just about any day now.

In the meantime, our high-haired Gaetz has been busy. He’s been busy NOT doing anything to help his constituents, but instead, Mr. Pompadore has chosen to spend his time mocking various people and speaking about how great he is.

Gaetz has now turned on another spineless GOP member, Mr. Kevin McCarthy.

Gaetz is reportedly angry at Kev because McCarthy has not punished Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney. I am not sure what Gaetz wants Kevin to do, but this does show that the GOP does not have unity and that as screwed up as McCarthy is, there is someone even MORE moronic. (Gaetz.)

Gaetz is also pleading to abolish zoos. You heard that right. This is because six zebras appear to have gotten loose at a Maryland farm. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Eleanor Holmes, a Democrat, representing D.C. as a delegate, has been accused of letting the zebras free and had to actually release a statement denying she had anything to do with it. Oh, what a world we live in.

It appears from his childish tweet that Gaetz either doesn’t believe her or just thought his tweet was much funnier than it is. The zoo tweet also came with the denial of Holmes. Lastly, some of the responses were hysterical, so as I occasionally do with these types of things, I feel I must share some of the best with you.

So here is the tweet again from Gaetz:

“Abolish zoos!”

“The Republican party?”

“You belong in one.”

Wouldn’t that make you homeless?”

“abolish underage sex.”

“Stay woke, Mattie.”

“Getting desperate.”

Sigh. It would be so nice if the man did some work, but that is one thing I don’t see ever happening.

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