We Need More of This

On Tuesday, Republican Georgia State Representative David Clark walked into the state House in Georgia without having been tested for Covid-19 after he had been told numerous times that his testing was required.

He again refused to be tested, so Republican Georgia House Speaker David Ralston asked him to leave. When he wouldn’t leave, the Speaker had him removed by a State Trooper. Clark vowed to show up on Wednesday, still untested, to defy the Speaker he called a “dictator”. But, he never showed.

Clark is a member of the radical right who signed on to an amicus brief supporting the (thrown-out frivolous) Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn Trump’s losses in Georgia and three other swing states. Conversely, Ralston was among the top Republican lawmakers who resisted Trump’s efforts, which he considered to be based on meritless accusations.

It’s clear that there is now a palpable divide in the Republican Party. Decent Republicans down ballot, together with their constituents, are finally taking a stand against the more radical elements in their party, and many have continued to leave party since the Insurrection. Soon the GOP will be nothing but a former shell of itself, left only with members who are mentally unstable. If things continue on this track it will eventually be the former Republicans who left the party to become Independents who will have all the power and the ability to take them down.

In Arizona, Republicans are also demanding an audit of Kelli Ward’s win for Arizona GOP chair (a Trump election fraud inciter), with reports surfacing that a number of state committeemen have raised concerns about the integrity of her election.

It is refreshing to see some Republicans reprimand and take action against the radical elements in their party. Now, if only the Republicans in the US Congress would do the same. We need more of this.

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