Marjorie Taylor Greene could take the GOP down with her

Now that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s true feelings and intentions have been exposed, Republicans are up in arms — or are they? Like me, most outside of the Republican Party question Greene’s claim that “teams of people” managed her Facebook page. These posts predate Greene’s run for Congress, and it is very unlikely that anyone was managing a personal page for her. Also like me, the Republican party knew Greene was a problem child before she ever entered the Capitol doors. According to Washington Post, Steve Scalise read comments from Greene about Blacks and Muslims and called them “disgusting,” and Kevin McCarthy called them “appalling.” Scalise found Greene so disturbing that he backed her primary opponent. The posts uncovered and revealed by CNN should have, therefore, come as no surprise to anyone.

As Washington Post revealed, once Greene won her election, Republicans claimed Greene “had disavowed QAnon.” Surely, they knew better. They were merely trying to justify embracing her as a Republican, which they wholeheartedly did. Now, they have a problem with her when the problem was there all along. Republicans care about nothing unless it benefits them, especially truth. Look at the Republicans who continued Trump’s lies about the election. They knew none of that nonsense was true, but they were willing to embrace what they knew was a lie. Look how that turned out. Greene is part and parcel of what happened at the Capitol of January 6. Many of those thugs are QAnon believers, just like Greene, and those thoughts led them to break the law. Waffler extraordinaire Kevin McCarthy claims he is “going to have a talk with her.” Talk? How about an expulsion? Talking to someone who believes this QAnon foolishness will be a waste of time and breath.

Greene claims that the recently uncovered comments and “likes” are irrelevant because they were made before she ran for Congress. Greene is 46 years old; she is not some kid who grew out of the beliefs of her youth. No one seriously believes she made such a miraculous about-face in two years. She is the same conspiracy-spouting, bloodlust loving woman she was two years ago. As WaPo points out, there are videos of Greene accusing Nancy Pelosi of “treason” and calling for her “execution,” and she recently referred to Senator Raphael Warnock as a “heretic,” another way of saying he deserves the death penalty.

If Kevin McCarthy or anyone else for that matter thinks “talking” to this woman is going to change things, they are woefully mistaken. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is not going to talk to her; he has already disavowed her. After much pressure, Republicans finally censored Steve King by removing him from committees because of his white supremacy rhetoric. Marjorie Taylor Greene is no better. Removing Greene from committees — especially her appointment to Education and Labor, where there is no room for ignorance such as hers — is not enough. She needs to be removed from Congress. Allowing her to stay merely invites more of her kind.

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