Tucker Carlson is completely out of his mind

Tucker Carlson is one of those manipulators who isn’t dumb but assumes his viewers are. Carlson says all sorts of egregious things on his prime-time Fox News show to ensure he meets his viewers’ deplorable expectations, although this has at times backfired when advertisers have taken umbrage at his overt misogyny and racism. Now Carlson is being creative in trying to twist Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s words into something scandalous, despite there being nothing wrong with what she said.

Democrats are interested in advancing HR 1, also known as the For The People Act, a bill that seeks to address voting rights, gerrymandering, election security, campaign finance reform, and statehood for the District of Columbia, amongst other important provisions. In October of last year, Speaker Pelosi spoke about the aspects of HR 1 that pertain to campaign finance reform, saying that “we’re going to have HR 1 right off the bat be about cleaner government so that we can reduce the role of big, dark special interest money.” Carlson desperately seized upon the word “dark” during his Monday night show.


Carlson thinks that Speaker Pelosi’s choice of descriptor in characterizing mysterious money poured into politics can somehow be contorted into racist terminology. Speaker Pelosi’s words were clear and contextually appropriate, and it’s clear she was speaking of money and not expressing racist sentiment. Carlson said “you have to wonder why Nancy Pelosi is still using the term ‘dark’ as a euphemism for bad.” It’s unclear why Carlson decided now, months after the fact, to take issue with a perfectly pertinent expression used by Speaker Pelosi, but what is clear is that Carlson is desperate to create scandal where there is none. We’re all aware of Carlson’s sympathies for white supremacists, and we’re all aware that Speak Pelosi is dedicated to justice and equity.

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